Service profiles

DS-Experts' service capability profile is based on:

  • our reputation and distinctive competence as experts in the technologies of dedicated systems,
  • our methods for verification and validation of components and systems, and
  • our intimate understanding of the associated business and market issues.

Due diligence research.

This is aimed, in particular, at serving research requirements of the Venture Capital Investment industry.

Embedded systems technologies, embedded software and applications are an important - yet often hidden - area of product technology.
Demand for investment capital in new products - and for new product functionalities enabled by integrated microprocessor and software technologies - continues to rise steadily.

To those who are unaware of the technological and business consequences of choosing to incorporate an embedded system within a product, assessment of potential risks is a very difficult exercise.
It is the perceived level of these risks that will attract - or discourage - investors in new projects.

Through our acquired base of experience, expertise and skills in dedicated systems engineering support, DS-Experts is able to assist venture capital organisations to assess the risks involved in investment opportunities.

Key factors which are evaluated are:

  • the product technology;
  • its correlation to known or projected market characteristics, and
  • the strengths of the potential investee development team.
The assessment exercise is further leveraged by DS-Experts' access to a unique and highly valuable asset base of insights, information & knowledge, via the industry support groups we coordinate.
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